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Measurz Team Pack

Measurz Team Pack

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The Measurz Team Pack is an ideal addition to any business, guaranteeing that team members can always have a Muscle Meter nearby and a MAT on the ground ready to be used with Measurz for in-depth analysis.

The Muscle Meter and MAT are essential tools for tracking and understanding the performance of your clients, so you can effectively develop and deploy strategies to help them achieve their goals.


  • 5x Muscle Meters including:
    • Pusher Caps
    • Puller Packs
    • USB Chargers (5V max compatible)
    • 2-Months FREE Measurz Trial Access*
  • 5x MATs
  • 2x Grippers
  • 2x Trigger Attachments

Would you prefer to build your own customised team pack? 

Simply add the desired amount of each assessment tool to your cart via our shop home page or request a quote at courses@matassessment.com.