MAT Courses

MAT Courses

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Included with MAT Level 1 + Level 2 you will get:  

  • a FREE MAT* (RRP: US$199) 
  • Lifetime access to 25+ hours of evidence-based MAT ONLINE CPD education
  • 10+ hours of MAT LIVE course recordings
  • 50+ New Assessments
  • 6 LIVE + INTERACTIVE Online Training Sessions  
  • Attended MEMBER ONLY Live Sessions and Hangouts with the MAT creators
  • Digital images for self-promotion as "MAT CERTIFIED" and a MAT ONLINE certificate
  • MAT Advanced Assessment template
  • Video analysis skills and app to revolutionise your assessment
  • Full and extensive MAT material
  • Discounts on MAT's + our MAT MASTERCLASS + MAT MINI Courses
  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee*

With our MAT LIVE Course Workshop Add-on you will:  

  • 8+ hours of face to face MAT training with the MAT creators
  • Learn how to implement the MAT Assessment Process with the people you work with.
  • Gain practical mastery of 30+ objective assessments using the MAT.
  • Discover how to apply intervention techniques to improve your MAT testing results and get better outcomes for your patients and clients.