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Hop MAT Lite
Hop MAT Lite

Hop MAT Lite

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The Hop MAT LiteTM is designed in particular with the Limb Symmetry Index hop tests in mind.

The Limb Symmetry Index (LSI) is an excellent guide for health and fitness professionals to objectively determine discrepancies in your clients and athletes limb strength, function, and mobility. 

There are many different variations of hop tests that can be performed quickly and easily with the Hop MAT LiteTM, including:

  • Anterior, medial, lateral and rotational single-hop tests
  • Anterior, medial and lateral triple hop for distance test
  • Triple crossover hop test
  • 6-m timed hop test
  • Standing broad jump
  • And more hop-based functional performance tests

The Hop MAT LiteTM is also designed to be utilised as a training tool to help you improve the movement skill of your clients and athletes.

Integrated into this clever assessment tool is an agility or speed ladder to perform 100's of different training drills to improve the speed, agility, flexibility, balance, strength and power of the people you work with.

Integrate hop testing into your assessment process and build more robust clients and athletes with the Hop MAT LiteTM today.

Most suitable for timber floorboards, vinyl and lino surfaces with more than six metres of space.

Not recommended for carpet, concrete, cork or rubber flooring.

Please note: this product has an adhesive backing and is not a solid mat or portable like our non-'lite' assessment tools. It *is* recommended that you thoroughly clean the surface with mild soapy water before applying.

Dimensions: 600cm x 20cm