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🏎 Designed to allow you to quickly perform grip strength testing.

📱 Utilise the Gripper alongside the Muscle Meter with our Measurz app to track grip strength progression over time and compare to norms.

Technical Specs

'The Boring Stuff'


🎯 ACCURACY: +/- 1-2%


⚡️ BATTERY: 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Battery

🔋 BATTERY LIFE: A long time! (charge every 2-3 months)

🧲️ CHARGER: USBC (included)



 ⚖️ WEIGHT: 160g

📐 DIMENSIONS: 139mm x 77.5mm x 45.3mm 

👌 WARRANTY: 12 months

📱 COMPATIBILITY: Manual data entry into Measurz