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MAT Running Courses - Live
MAT Running Courses - Live
MAT Running Courses - Live

MAT Running Courses - Live

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In the MAT Running Course, you will learn everything you need to offer cutting-edge running assessments and training sessions, including:

  • The most essential questions to ask every running client as part of your history-taking process.
  • 15+ running specific assessments that will set you apart from the average health and fitness professionals when managing runners.
  • The most common mistakes runners make and how to address these with better load management.
  • New apps and technology you can use to better manage your runners.
  • How to analyze and identify problematic running techniques that could contribute to injury and slow your clients down utilising the latest technology including video analysis and sensor-based technology.
  • Go to principles for recovery, treatment and training that every running client needs to help them achieve their goals.
  • The ins and outs of footwear selection and how it impacts your runner's performance.
  • And much more!