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Muscle Meter
Muscle Meter
Muscle Meter
Muscle Meter
Muscle Meter
Muscle Meter
Muscle Meter

Muscle Meter

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  • Muscle Meter
  • Pusher Cap
  • Puller Pack
  • USB Charger (5V max compatible)
  • 2-Months FREE Measurz Trial Access*

Not Included

  • Gripper or Gripper Attachment - Grip Strength Testing
  • Trigger - Pain Pressure Threshold (PPT) Testing
  • Tester - Strength Testing Platform

The World's Most Intuitive And Affordable Push/Pull/Grip Muscle Strength Tester

📈 Test & Track

Your clients will reach their goals with Measurz driving better decisions and training plans. 

⚡ Pocket-Sized Power

Smaller than your smart device and weighs <200g so you can collect your Measurz anywhere!

⚽ Over 150 Tests

That can collect Measurz on almost every joint and muscle (it's really 500+ tests if we count our tests how others do 😛).

💯 3 Testing Modes

Test peak & average force, endurance strength, time to peak and RFD with our 3 unique testing modes when the Muscle Meter is paired with our Measurz app.



    Q: Do I need to have a subscription to the Measurz app to use the Muscle Meter?

    A: No, but you should! For less than one client session per year, you can record and save all your client data, track their progression over time, enhance client education and compare their results to our Measurz reference data. You can also perform 800 other tests using our Measurz app and our other built-in tools that make assessments quick, simple and fun! Plus, you'll never have to write client notes again, saving hours in your week!

    Q: Am I locked into a contract with the Muscle Meter or Measurz app?

    A: Absolutely not! We don't believe in locking you in for years. You own your Muscle Meter after your purchase today! Our Measurz app is a no-brainer as it will improve your assessment, grow your business and save you and your team hours every week.

    Q: Does MAT provide training and support on how to use the Muscle Meter and Measurz app?

    A: Of course! We've got a Measurz Training Portal and Community filled with videos and descriptions of almost every test in the Measurz app that you can perform with the Muscle Meter. We also have world-leading education courses that show you how to use them and implement them into your business. We also run regular webinars and offer in-house training sessions for your team.

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