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The MAT Lite
The MAT Lite
The MAT Lite

The MAT Lite

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The MAT LiteTM has been designed as an economical, semi-permanent MATTM solution to help you improve your assessment by allowing you to quantitatively assess your patients and clients like the original MATTM.

Using the MAT LiteTM to perform all the same great objective tests as the MATTM, such as: 

  • Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT)
  • Y-Balance test (YBT)
  • Weight Bearing Lunge Test (WBLT)
  • Hop + Jump tests
  • Squats tests
  • Lunge tests
  • Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Test (CKCUET)
  • Upper Quarter Y-Balance Test (UQYBT)
  • Star Excursion Sitting Test (SEST)
  • Standing Long Lump
  • and many, many more Functional Performance Tests

Quickly and easily gather valid and evidence-based tool that allows you to collect meaningful, reproducible, quantitative data.

This data allows specific treatment, rehabilitation and exercise programs to be developed and tailored to each individual patient or client. This data will provide you with accurate baseline measurements to evaluate the success of your intervention and monitor a patient or clients progress over time.

Purchase one today and join thousands of health and fitness professionals around the world improving their assessment using the MATTM

Most suitable for timber floorboards, vinyl and lino surfaces.

Not recommended for carpet, concrete, cork or rubber flooring.

Please note: this product has an adhesive backing and is not a solid mat or portable like our non-'lite' assessment tools. It *is* recommended that you thoroughly clean the surface with mild soapy water before applying.

Dimensions: 160cm x 45cm